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Not only is Ulvhäll’s Manor as beautiful as a painting, but it is also a place for unique local art to be displayed. Discover the modern art on the walls of our charming mansion. They are carefully chosen and placed, so to create an inspiring atmosphere for both creative work as well as festivity.

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Inside the manor, you will come as a guest in the middle of a highly international art collection. In the kitchen and in the conference rooms on the ground floor, there are works from some of Sweden's most famous artists such as Ann-Sofi Sidén, Jan Håfström and Cooper & Gorfer. We who work with art at Ulvhäll have a long experience of both the Swedish and international art scene.

The following artists are part of Ulvhäll's art collection:


Jan Håfström, is one of Sweden's most appreciated and celebrated artists since his debut in 1966. He has represented Sweden at the world's largest art exhibition, the Venice Biennale, no less than four times.


Ann-Sofi Sidén, who she also exhibited at the Biennale and at major institutions worldwide.

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Karl Holmqvist, Klas Eriksson, William Wegman,Peter Geschwind and Elina Brotherus. The latter is one of the most prominent of the generation of Finnish photo artists who go by the name The Helsinki School.

Denise Grünstein, whose photo art can be found on the stairs leading up to the second floor. Upstairs there are large-scale and central works by artists such as Dawid, Anders Krisár, John Körner, Peter Land, Cooper & Gorfer and Cecilia Ömalm


The contemporary art park Ulvhälls Hällar is situated just a few steps from Ulvhäll’s Manor. Every year, during May-September, we invite several acclaimed Swedish and international artists to exhibit uniquely created pieces for the park. It is truly one of a kind experience!

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