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Ulvhäll dates back to the Vikings. At the end of the 11th century, the Anglo-Saxon monk Saint Eskil was sent out as a Missionary Bishop to Christianize the pagan Swedes at the landscapes of Lake Mälaren. The story goes that Eskil was stoned to death in the year 1080, according to tradition because he disrupted a holy ritual. His last breath was said to be drawn on top of the hill, next to our current mansion. At that time, the property was called Finninge and remained a patrimony throughout the Middle Ages.


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An allée of majestic trees leads the way to the majestic manor house. Ulvhäll is situated on a hill and consists of a main mansion from the 1790s with romantic white facades, frontispiece, and a hip roof. Ulvhäll’s manor is beautifully nestled in the forests by Lake Mälaren, and just next to the popular art park Ulvhälls Hällar.

First Floor
In addition to modern conference rooms, here you’ll also find the unique Cooking Studio where you can cook your own food – by yourselves or under the skilled supervision of some of the most famous local chefs. Of course, you may also enjoy your meals served as in a regular restaurant, which then is prepared by one of our catering partners.

Middle Floor
Discover our exclusive saloons, dining hall, conference rooms, as well as the billiard parlour.


Get closer to the stars in our beautiful attic bedrooms. Close your eye under romantic roof beams, and wake up to the healing morning light over the magnificent Lake Mälaren.


Wine Cellar
Bring your own wines and enjoy a wine tasting in our charming and authentic wine cellar. Please note that Ulvhäll has no license to sell wine or other alcoholic beverages.


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Gustav Vasa took over Finninge and transformed it into an estate of the Crown. At the beginning of the 17th century, Bishop Laurentius Paulinus Gothus bought the property. When the bishop’s heir, Johan Larsson Paulinus, was knighted with the name Olivecrantz, the property was renamed to Olivehäll.


After the passing of Johan, Olivehäll was passed on to many different owners. In the mid-19th century, Count Henning Hamilton was the last heir of the manor house after the Gyllenborg family. Count Henning Hamilton, perhaps best remembered for the so-called Hamilton scandal, used the property for extravagant feasts with his friends, luxuriating in the pleasures of life. Eventually, Hamilton sold the manor to Filip Mannerstråhle, who renamed it to Ulvhäll.

In 1903, Gunnar Philipson took over as the last owner of the intact property. He was a horse breeder and periodically used Ulvhäll as an agricultural school with around 50 students. The property was sold to Strängnäs Municipality in 1947.


For 12 years thereafter, the manor house stood completely empty, until Hugo Arnerud decided to renovate it in 1959. In 1962, Hugo launched Ulvhäll’s Tavern where people could enjoy lunch as well as festivities.


After several other owners in the 70’s and 80’s, Johan Edfeldt took ownership over the manor in 1991. Since 2010, Johan has been a joint owner of the property with Ola Ahlvarsson and Stefan Cars.

Ulvhäll’s Manor was a hotel and restaurant up until 2013. It went through an extensive renovation when the properties were transformed into accommodation.

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